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Monday, July 31, 2006

Sweeney Todd is closing

What a sad day... Go see it if you haven't. You have one month!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

A Struggling Artist Update

So you all know that I'm leaving Mannes. And I have to say, everyone at Mannes has been unbelievably supportive about me going. One of the benefits of working with all musicians and artists I suppose. I went into a bit of a freak spin when I had to give Georgia an actually date that I'd be leaving. At that exact moment I had 1)no idea what I was going to do afterward and 2) not slept in about 30 hours. However, as Gershwin would say "things are looking up."

I had a callback for work with Story Salad Children's Theatre, a tour of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good,Very Bad Day, which would begin the end of August. There is also had some interest in me for a production of Honkey Tonk Angels out in Colorado which would be a few months worth of work beginning the middle of August. Finally, I had an offer of day work from Richard Frankel Productions promoting Hairspray. This might be the best day job I've ever had an as actor. It allows me mornings and evenings free and it only 5 days a week. My take home pay would be about the same as what I currently take home... I had always heard that these positions existed, I just had no idea how to find them. On top of it, they are cool with me being an actor, most of their promo people are, and many people come and go for gigs. Most important, I can really focus on getting paid work instead of just taking anything.

This is a real turning point in my career.

Thursday, July 27, 2006


how quickly a calm can come. I am not the same person I was just two weeks ago.

I have come to believe that even and calm is the best way for me to live. It infuriates some people that I don't get easily excited, but I don't get easily upset either. The bigger picture is the more important and day-to-day is much more fun this way. I find it rare to meet someone who thinks like I do. Especially in New York, where everything is about the hustle and the money. And then I did. Laid back, in the moment, unplanned. Content.

...why are the stars so bright? If we're here till dawn can we blame it on the summer night?...

For some reason my mind is racing in an Irish brogue today...

Sonnet: For Kate

by Royden Benjamin Ringer

If it be true that we from fair desire
Increase, that we in fullest scope might see
What's rarely viewed, dear beauty's puissant fire,
Then sure thou shouldst tenfold increased be:
For not with beauty solely art thou blest,
(Though thou hast plenty for to snare mine eye);
A finer mind thou couldst not dream requewst,
And voice as thine dost will the soul to fly.
Thus, smarts it so that so surpassing fair
A one as thou shalt from us taken be,
No longer privileged thy time to share,
And left in such eternal quandary.
But though we're stricken, 'tis a needful thing.
Pursue thy dream: go forth, fair Kate, and sing.

(Royden, you make me cry...)

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Because sometimes I miss Virginia.

you think you'll find some mountains
in western colorado
fifty weeks of snowy peaks
is where you're gonna be
but babe the rocky mountains are gradually eroding
the hills of coors are nothing more
than blue ridge wannabes

a turkey on it's belly
a chicken on it's back
anyway you look at it
you'll find her on the map
she revels in the seasons
shakes hands with the north
hugs the land of dixie while dancing on the porch

you think that autumns in new england
are the greatest of them all
but give me sweet virginia for the fireworks of fall
the prettiest october in all the fifty states
just drive up to the skyline
park the car and wait

so grow up colorado
excuse me tennessee
if you don't mind, north caroline
here's where i want to be

when you're talking home
you mean the old dominion
just southeast of heaven to the surf and the hills
she's the best of thirteen sisters
and thirty seven more
sweet sweet virginia always keeps an open door

they're fiddlin' in galax
pickin' up in floyd
and in the land of patsy cline
they're songs you can't avoid
when you're walking back after midnight
i'll fall to pieces, too
i'm crazy back in baby's arms with sweet dreams of you

they're sailing down in norfolk
skiing up in bryce
climbing up the devil's stairs against the ranger's advice
they're harvesting in loudoun to shenandoah winds
and in the land near washington they're rooting for the 'skins
fight for old d.c.

so grow up colorado
excuse me tennesse
if you don't mind, north caroline
here's where i want to be


pack up your impala
and make your move out west
past the blue ridge mountains
you'll find you passed the best
and when your dreams have ended
where mountains are concerned
me and sweet virginia will await for your return

Live From Traverse City, Michigan!

So, i'm in Michigan. My last college fair for Mannes is tomorrow at Interlochen Arts Academy. It'll be good to see some of the friends I made last year, and sad because I'll be telling them that this is my last fair. Michigan is much prettier then I imagined. Reminds me a lot of Georgia and Virginia. Really lush woodlands, flat towns. My hotel happens to be right on Lake Michigan too, which I love. Tomorrow will begin with an early stroll along the sand.

Life has been moving at light speed for me lately. I put in my notice for August 15th. which means I have to find other work or I'm gonna be a lot of trouble. Had an interview which sounded promising, and the schedule was perfect. will know this week. Will also be hearing from Don Greene in the next few weeks. Have a call back for a Kids' Show tour on Wednesday. That would be awesome.

And I need to remember that in ALL things in my life: When it rains, it pours. I've been spending quite a bit of time with a friendly neighbor. And honestly, I can't wait to get back to Astoria to do it some more...

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I'm so sleepy...

Been up for 33 hours. ;-)

My last day at Mannes is now officially, Aug 15th. Yay!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

I have an addiction

I met up with Colette Silvestri for diner food (our favorite) and Zelda discussion. I am addicted to all things Zelda Fitzgerald. Turns out that I'm not the only one. I'm not the only who takes it very personally when faced with a biography about Scott and Ginerva King. I'm not the only one holding my breath for the next incarnation of Colette's Zelda. I'm not the only one who can bring themselves to listen to the Wildhorn songs.

Something big's afoot. I can feel it. Colette showed me some of the rewrites. This is big. And Jozan appears. So how do I keep from jumping out of my skin until I get to go there again? Dance class, voice lessons. I will give no reason not to continue to work on this project...

May have an answer at the end of the week....

...While I'm still young and in my prime...

Monday, July 10, 2006

Don't know why...

...there's no stars up in the sky. Stormy weather, since my love and I ain't together. Keeps raining all the time...

Oh dear. Been taking a long trip down memory lane today. I googled myself, as I was launching a new version of the Red Door site and wanted to check out the googlibility of it. And as I did, I hit, not very far down the list, an old blog entry of a former flame. I didn't read the blog. As a matter of fact I can't even bring myself to go to his websites blog or business. But, the line that popped was enough to send me reeling.

What a crazy love life I have had...

Brian and I went to Coney Island on Friday night, just to have a little fun. We don't seem to be able to relax enough to just have fun in this process of trying to be friends. Perhaps Coney wasn't the best place to go. It took me back to that August night, the most wonderful night of my New York existance, with Talon Beeson, Geoffrey Long, and their various friends. I called Talon, I couldn't help it. I really wanted to call Geoff, but a) I know better, and b)I don't have his number anymore. Why have I had Geoff on the brain so much recently???

Monday night, at Bryant park, I saw Seth Morgan. I went to go chat with him and then decided better of it. I have to remind myself that the fates are in control, and all things, though we don't always understand why, work out as they should. Seth and I said that we would hang out once we were both living in the city, but something tells me it would end up a wonderful horrible mess if we did. I wonder quite often, why we had to meet when we did. A few years later and things would have been amazingly different.

If I could go back in my life I know what changes I'd make. But how would they have changed me? Am I better off as I am? I guess I have to assume that I am. My directing teacher said, on the very first day of class, "Always assume that everything is purposeful." Interesting perspective on life, I'd say.

Also, on my trek down the lane, I got an email from Melissa Frock. She and I were really close friends in high school, and somehow, in the last few years have completely lost touch. She filled me on what her life is like. It's outline is surprisingly like mine. Hope to see her in the fall at our reunion.


I'm ready for Mrs. Fitzgerald to come to New York. I need to dive into something wholeheartedly.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

All in a day's work.

God love Bill Irwin. Genius.

Damn, I miss those guys.