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Friday, March 25, 2005

Feels like a Saturday

...which is good because tomorrow will just feel like hell. I'm headed out to help Joe Backdrop witih dry tech for Anything Goes. Tomorrow is wet tech, which I'm dreading because very few people involved in this production care about it. I have a difficult time not caring about a piece of theatre that I am working on. Needless to say, it's frustrating.

However, after tech today I get to come home, do some laundry, memorize some lines. I found one of my dialect books (not the good one... :-( ) so I will also be spending some quality time with that.

Went out the Shannon and the girls after my rehearsal last night. We saw the dumbest "scary" movie ever. The Ring 2. Not only was it dumb, but it was long! oh well...

Ok, gotta go throw on some nasty clothes and head out...

cheerio, guv'ner

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Just you wait!

For those who are avidly following my career... I will be playing Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady at the Eichelberger Center for Performing Arts in Hanover, PA. YAY! Dates are mid May. Details to follow!

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Give to 'em good!

Back to the Fulton today for Carousel auditions! I'm suprisingly calm about it. That's good I suppose. I also think I've convinced Meghan to come along. I'm wondering who else I'll see there and if Marc (the director, who choreographed The Secret Garden) will be there or if it will just be Michael Mitchell again. Surpsingly, I'm looking forward to going back!

Tomorrow is the day trip to Boston for NETC's. Should also be an interesting day.

More later!

Monday, March 14, 2005

there's a sunny side to every situation

I'll say this for depression - it's an excellent weight loss program.

P.S. Seth, sorry I missed your call last night... You can bet that I will be calling you sometime soon though!

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Back to Plan A

Well, Plan B didn't seem to work out very well. So, after a slight delay I will be returning to a somewhat modified version of Plan A. Sorry for being cryptic, email me if you want to know more.

The rest of London was nice. Someday I may post some pictures... I'm glad to be home.

Colette, did you get the stuff turned in???? We mut gather for coffee sometime very very very soon so much to fill you in on!

Monday, March 07, 2005

Live from LONDON!!!

After a torturous airplane ride with the Canadian teenagers from hell, we arrived safe and sound. Our hotel is somewhat off the beaten path and small, but lovely. And we have lots of non-touristy things around us. For those who are familiar with London, we are staying in Earls Court.

Yesterday afternoon we literally wandered around. Saw Buckingham Palace and found Coventry Market. Went home and beat the jetlag by falling asleep at 7:30! Today we went to the Globe theatre, intended to see the Tower of London, but since it was getting late decided to wait to do it another day. We walked across London Bridge. Tonight we got excellent 1/2 price tickets to see Patrick Stewart in a David Mamet play A Life in the Theatre. We#re playing this day-by-day, so who knows what tomorrow may bring!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

what happened to the big storm we were getting?

I really wish my sister would finish her web site... Of course I also wish she would learn her lines, lyrics, and choreography... I guess I shouldn't be greedy. ;-)

We got some snow yesterday. It really wasn't as bad as I had hoped it would be. I mean I still had to go to work and all. Today the kids have a two-hour delay, so that means I need to run a rehearsal, I'm not yet prepared for tonight. Excellent. I was supposed to go see SuesSpeare this morning, but the school where they were performing is having a two-hour delay. I don't know if they are still performing or not.

Heading to England on Saturday. YAY!! We still haven't planned anything, but it will be a nice relaxing week for sure.

Not a whole lot happening. I was in bed watching hours of Law and Order pretty early last night.