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Thursday, July 24, 2008

As Carrie Bradshaw once said:

Three things every New York woman is in search of:
a good job
a good apartment
a good man

It is a very careful balance to have all three. Usually we have one or two and are on a constant search for the elusive third. Well friends, I have two at the moment: a brand spankin' new job at a fantabulous restaurant (where they do things like, care about their employees...), and an amazing man (whom I can't possibly tell just how I feel about him-i keep trying, but the words get stuck). Currently, this issue, though getting smaller by the day, is my living sitch.

I love Kyleen. I LOVE HER. One of my other roommates (there are four of us all together) is driving me up a wall. She didn't want me to move in in the first place. She's been holding a ridiculous grudge for two years because I complemented a cake she made and she thought I was making fun of it. (I really was complementing it - it was an ingenious design.) And now, because I happen to have an air conditioner in my bedroom - though I don't even sleep there half the week - wants me to pay 25% more on what I already pay for our exhorbinant (I know it's spelled wrong, I can't find it in spell check) energy bill. ARGH!

So, basically, we have three refrigerators, a washer/dryer, and a living room ac unit and I'm the one who has to pay more then everyone else. I'm frustrated. I'm also turning the living room ac way down to cool my room, so In don't have to turn my ac on and incur a higher bill.... so there!

Oh and PS. I'm in love... shhh.... don't tell anyone.


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