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Saturday, April 30, 2005



American Cities That Best Fit You:

60% Boston

50% Chicago

50% Miami

45% New York City

45% Philadelphia

Friday, April 29, 2005

i totally forgot a few things...

...my brain is soooo not working right now.

Going to the O's game with mi madre. Really really really looking forward to it. I love baseball, and I can finally FINALLY be proud to be an Orioles fan again.

Also, got to finally talk to my old pal Talon yesterday. I honest to God thought that he hated me because of the demise of my relationship with his roommate. (Whom Talon set me up with...I might add.) We hadn't really talked since the final break-up last May... that's a long time not to talk to someone. Well, the truth is that this was Talon's first year of Grad School and he was just busy, something I can completely understand having just completed grad School myself. So, yay, my friend's back!

I should put in today that I made hotel reservations for my and Shannon to go to OC, MD in June. We are staying at a beautiful hotel right on the Boardwalk. ABSOLUTELY, can't wait. (P.S. Shannon this is your graduation and birthday present!)

"I can't. I'm so tired. I'm so tired."

For those who don't get it, that's a line from My Fair Lady. It's exactly how I feel right this second. argh... Need to go home and take a nap.

Bored silly and tired... at work so no napping... I'm so completely over-qualified for this stupid job anyway.

ok, bac to another 2 hours of internet surfing.

Thursday, April 28, 2005


To Jennifer and Kevin who are expecting their first baby on Halloween!!!! Just picture it, little Kevin Hales running all over the place! AGGHHHHH (Suddenly, Halloween seems so appropriate) I wonder if they'll name him Charlie Brown...?

Now my life is rosie...

It's been a while... AGAIN. So sorry.

I've been neck deep in rehearsals for My Fair Lady and I picked up several hours a week teaching Performing Arts at York Country Day School. This appointment also includes directing the Middle School musical The Fabulous Fable Factory (May 20 and 21 @ 7:30pm), and supervising the 5th Grade Play and the Mentor/Independent Study productions. It's been a wild ride so far, but I'm finally finding a level of comfort with the students, the teachers, and my general surroundings.

In other career-related news, I had an excellent audition at Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre (part of the Pather Family Theatres, for those who know what that is). They were seeing people for 42nd Street, The Pajama Game, adn their Christmas show. I have the first two shows already on my resume, which I hope is a bonus. I am also directing a production of Bye Bye Birdie for Eichelberger this summer. That was one of my first shows and I'm very excited and nostolgic for it.

Brian is auditioning for a major film today. That's very exciting!!!! More details later, if he shares them with me.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Originally uploaded by actorkate.

Me and Brian in London (i'm the cute one!)


There are some days that leaving South Central Pa seems like a dumb idea. Yesterday was one of those days. If I were to stay here, it appears that I could have all the work I like. Everyone seems to be looking for directors. I now have feelers out for two shows: Ragtime (oh the irony) in Owings Mills, MD and now also Bye Bye Birdie at Eichelberger. Also for those who haven't heard, I've picked up another gig as the long term substitute Performing Arts Teacher at York Country Day School. This job includes directing a musical, supervising another play, advising independent studies (who are producing their own shows), and teaching a middle school class and the upper school Intro to Theatre Class.

Yeah, I'm busy.

However, I'm not staying. I might kill myself if I don't get to a city pretty soon.

In other news, My Fair Lady is going well. I'm usually pretty exhausted by the time I get home at night. We are to be completely off book (memorized) by Monday, so guess what I'm going to be doing this weekend?! (I guess it's good that Brian has tech all weekend...)

Anyhow... I guess I should get my butt moving this morning. Hey maybe I'll go work on my script!

(Less than a month till we know if Zelda is going to the NYMF! www.nymf.org)

Friday, April 01, 2005

Shannon put it best...

There couldn't have been more drama yesterday if Kevin Deller had been in the room.

Wow, well I won't get into the gritty details, but the High School Musical was almost cancelled. Rosina wasn't there to take responsibility (later she didn't take responsibility anyway, blamed it entirely on the students) and I, once again, got to clean up her mess by playing cheerleader and moral booster for the cast, crew, pit, staff, and parents. I had never been so glad to get the hell out of that school yesterday afternoon.

The show seems to be on. That's good I suppose. Everyone has worked entirely too hard, and I think the possibility of losing the musical made the kids realize how much they wanted it - they had a decent show last night.

On top of that, Shannon is failing Choir (!) because she chose to go to her academic classes instead of to sectionals. Is this really an acceptable reason to fail? She knows all of her music, she comes to class. Why should she be forced to chose choir over AP English? Is this Megan Blair's way of saying that choir is more important than AP English. Who cares if you can read and write as long as you can sing. What's best for Shannon here? She fears now losing her scholarship because her extremely low choir grade may pull her below the required GPA. Can I point out that she's going to school to study music and theatre. Music. The class she is failing. She obviously knows the subject pretty well, how can you justify failing a student who obviously loves the subject and works hard - whether in sectionals or not. The other issue about this is that Megan never once let my mother know that Shannon was struggling in class. Not once. This would be the time to point out that Mom and Megan have been both working on the musical for the past three months. They've seen each other at least once a week during this time.

I have to say I think "MIss Blair" is being unreasonable and controlling. Regardless of whether she likes Shannon or not she, as a teacher must be fair. I also feel in working with her that Megan is entirely too immature to be working with high school students. She doesn't know how to be a good teacher through practice. I'd also like to point out that for a music teacher she's not a very good musician either - can't count to save her life.

I guess if the wrong person sees this I'll probably get into some trouble. I don't care. Freedom of speech and all that. This spring has really made me not proud of my own alma mater and I get sick thinking of all the negative changes that have been made in the past ten years under the guise of building the students' character. There is no pride left in that school. None that I've seen since I've been there. Fortunately, the last gibson child graduates this year and then we are finished with it.

The last bit of terrible day yesterday was Brian telling me he may not make it down this weekend. Bloody fantastic.