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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The New Job and other stuff

So I've officially started training for my new job at Blue Smoke Jazz Standard.  It's going to kick my ass for a while, but I think once I get the rhythm of the place under my skin it'll be great.  I also think that the income will be incredible.  

Other then that, I'm tired.  I always get a little drained when big changes happen in my life.  But, I'm taking care of myself, getting sleep, not setting an alarm, taking the appropriate drugs, and generally hanging in there.  Occasionally I'll wish that I lived closer to Paul, so that it wasn't such an effort to see him in the midst of everything else.  (Not that it is ever truly an effort, per se, just a slight inconvenience when trying to maximize time.) I have a doctor's appointment Friday, at which I'll make sure that everything else with me is going ok.  

Things with Paul are going well.  I love spending time with him, there is never enough time.  I sometimes question how he feels, mainly because at the beginning he was very very verbal about his feelings, and has been less so.  I wonder if something has changed, or if i've done something.  But, I keep in my mind that he was adamant about talking when  things weren't right, and so i trust that he will talk to me if something isn't right.  In the end, we are still getting to know one another, and I am in no position to suppose something is going on with him.  

Jim is headed out of town this week.  I hate it when  he goes away.  My dear dear friend...  

I am currently working on two Red Door Projects:  The Witches and a concert of L5Y.  The Witches will be performed October 18th and 19th at the Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City.  If L5Y happens it will be in February for one night only.  Kind of excited about both...  and it keeps me from stressing out about auditions and other industry bullshit.  

Anyway, that's me.  New job, new theatre projects, major boy distraction...  nothing new, really. ;-)


At 9:42 AM, Blogger Erin said...

great news about the new job! :o) looks like a really nice place!

miss you!



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