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Friday, October 21, 2005

Old Friend

Got to see Talon today. We did what we always do when we see each other - had coffee. I think I can blame my addiction to caffeine solely on my friendship with Talon.

I'll admit, I was fearful of the meeting. I have to say though, that Talon has been a wonderful friend in the way he handled his two good friends breaking up. I also got to meeet Talon's new girlfriend, who is beautiful and from what I can tell, perfect for him.

When I was at SU I had a fairly large group of friends. We all grew our seperate ways, and those I figured I'd stay in touch with forever (Beth, Dawn, Suzanne, Lindsay) I barely know. Erin and I have managed it somehow - luck I think. And Travis, who was one of my best friends there, has been able to keep up with me. (I went to his wedding a few weeks ago, it was beautiful and his new wife truly is a prize!) My friendship with Talon surprises me. I'm very thankful that we are still friends, but I would've never guessed it 9 years ago.

Talked to Brian. Chicago was a bust and I can't wait to be home! Might go see a show tonight, don't really know... Home tomorrow!!!

Grow up

To whomever left the rude message on my last entry - get over it. Why even bother to read this weblog? I have a good idea of who you are (and if I'm right, I'm not even certain you qualify as an "ex").