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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Why Can't He...

...leave me alone. He said he wouldn't talk to me for a year. He has no idea how he fucks with my life, but he likes to act like he's the only one who's suffered. As usual it's all about him... with no care or regard for me. That is why it is the way it is...

You'd think after two years he'd know who I was but he has not a clue, nor a care.

So, finally why should I care about him? I am the most loyal person he will ever know, and it takes a mountain to make me not be fiercely loyal to someone I love. What happens when my own loyalties conflict, and at what point do I get to be loyal to myself?

You don't know what I'm thinking and feeling. You have no clue. So just stop all this.


At 9:32 AM, Anonymous Kyleen said...

Kate! Call me in these times of yucky-ness! :) Tell whoever-he-is to go away or he'll have to answer to ME!


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