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Thursday, August 03, 2006

A Woman of Faith

One of my favorite songs is called Woman of Faith by Eddie from Ohio. I really discovered this song, when Brian and I were living together and really having a lot of problems. And I always kind of thought that the man I end up with would view me in the same way as the man singing this song about his wife:

i wake up, check my senses
one two three four five
number six missing again
same old game of seek and hide
i remember that old feeling
it's tender to the touch
just me and all my senses
i don't need to think too much
you know i tend to think too much

in times such as these we find ourselves in an old familiar place
it's for times such as these when you've gotta believe
that i married me a woman of faith
it's for times such as these when you've gotta believe
that i married me a woman of faith

my old dog is smiling at me
something by me passed
my old dog grinning ear to ear
shakes his head, starts to laugh
i've been checking all four corners
what makes him so wise
i've been checking all four corners
i forgot to look right in front of
right in front in of my eyes


i wake up, check my senses, all have come around
one two three four five all here
six sleeps next to me, sleeping sound
six is sleeping sound


I don't know where it came from, I'm guessing from my relationship with Seth and the trials involved therein, but I have always found that in letting go, all will come back to you. It's called Faith. I'm not a fan of organized religion. Primarily because the churches I've been a part of become more of a social circle then an honest place of worship. I'm not even sure that my version of "God" would match most other peoples'. But I do believe, with my life, that there is a force out there that guides us. Self-righteous, control-freak humans rarely let it. But it's there.

I bring this up because yesterday was a prime example of faith in my life. I'm leaving my steady 9-5, with benefits job, to persue my dreams and goals in the theatre, and in the process I found a job that would allow me to go to auditions, and pay the bills, and everything would be ok. By, some chance of mis-communication, the offer I had been given last week, have been given to someone else, and while they had another gig for me it definately did not pay enough for me to live. I said yes anyway. And though I got really upset about how I was going to make it work - I had faith that somehow it would work.

I sometimes walk home through Central Park after work, and yesterday, even though it was the hottest day of the summer, I needed some nature. I got to the other side, and my phone rang. It was the new job, calling to re-offer the original position. Everything will be ok.

Casey and I have been talking alot about his moving up to the city and I know how daunting the prospect is. I say, just have faith. Let it guide you, and the right things will invariably happen.


At 11:46 AM, Anonymous Kyleen said...

It's not always easy to be a woman of faith, but sometimes your faith is all you've got. Hang in there.


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